SREview Issue #2, June 2020

Tweets that have us twittering

Book leak. Error budgets aren’t about enforcing rules; they’re about having a new piece of data you can use to have discussions in order to make decisions.

- Alex Hidalgo (THE BOOK IS DONE) (@ahidalgosre) June 10, 2020

an underrated leadership skill is mastering projection: am I projecting my fears & desires or am I projecting a vision for the culture I lead within?

- Miss Amy (@MissAmyTobey) June 12, 2020

Actually, its only SRE if it’s from the cloud division of Google, otherwise it’s just sparkling devops.

- Czarknado 🦈🌪️ (@pczarkowski) June 14, 2020

If your incident review template has a “where we got lucky” section, I recommend adding a “where we were _prepared_” section. Expertise can make difficult, intentional work look easy or accidental. (Woods’s Law of Fluency)

- Senior Oops Engineer (@ReinH) June 16, 2020


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