SREview Issue #2, June 2020

Here’s the second issue of SREview! This monthly zine features epic Tweets, content, and events happening in the SRE and resilience engineering community.

Tweets that have us twittering

Book leak. Error budgets aren’t about enforcing rules; they’re about having a new piece of data you can use to have discussions in order to make decisions.

- Alex Hidalgo (THE BOOK IS DONE) (@ahidalgosre) June 10, 2020

an underrated leadership skill is mastering projection: am I projecting my fears & desires or am I projecting a vision for the culture I lead within?

- Miss Amy (@MissAmyTobey) June 12, 2020

Actually, its only SRE if it’s from the cloud division of Google, otherwise it’s just sparkling devops.

- Czarknado 🦈🌪️ (@pczarkowski) June 14, 2020

If your incident review template has a “where we got lucky” section, I recommend adding a “where we were _prepared_” section. Expertise can make difficult, intentional work look easy or accidental. (Woods’s Law of Fluency)

- Senior Oops Engineer (@ReinH) June 16, 2020


What we’ve been building

GotoMeeting integration

In addition to Zoom, Slack and Google Hangouts, Blameless has released a new integration with GoToMeeting to further extend our collaboration capabilities. Check out our blog.

Blameless SLOs

Blameless SLOs help advance teams towards achieving production excellence through proactive management of service levels in concert with the rest of the Blameless platform. Read more in our blog.

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