SREview Issue #4 August 2020

Here’s the August issue of SREview! This monthly zine features epic Tweets, content, and events happening in the SRE and resilience engineering community.

Tweets that have us twittering

Learning to code, you get good at solving puzzles.
You think, I’ll get a job and solve harder puzzles!

No. Software work doesn’t give you puzzles. You have to formulate the puzzles and then try to solve them, only to discover they aren’t well formulated

- Jessica Joy Kerr (@jessitron) July 29, 2020

Root Cause Analysis is never the right approach. There is never a root cause, only a complex interplay of many causes, which in turn have many, all the way down to the turtles.
The decision to eventually nominate one cause as root is always political.

- Rob England (@rob_england) August 6, 2020

software stewardship > software ownership

you don’t own it, you are a steward with a contract

- Miss Amy (@MissAmyTobey) August 11, 2020


Five Ways to Improve Developer Velocity: This blog post details how teams can improve developer velocity by discovering timewasters, bottlenecks, the correct data, and more.

The Importance of Reliability Engineering: This blog looks at three big benefits of investing in reliability and explains how you can get started on your journey to reliability excellence.

Iterable sees a 43% reduction in critical incidents with Blameless: Learn how Blameless helped Iterable decrease critical incidents and shave 2–3 hours of incident retrospectives.

Debugging engineering velocity and leading high-performing teams: Smruti Patel defines engineering velocity in terms of shipping software with precision, speed, quality and impact.

Resilience in Action, E5: Tammy Bryant and Eric Roberts The Importance of Glue Work: In our third episode, Amy chats with Tammy Bryant and Eric Roberts about glue work.

Give it a whirl

Blameless automates toil and creates guardrails during incidents, streamlines learning from incidents, and much more.

Try out our free sandbox today.

Upcoming events

Blameless Bi-Weekly Demo August 25 8 AM PST: We will walk you through an incident and share our product capabilities across incident resolution, postmortems, reliability insights, and more.

August SRE Leaders PanelAugust 26 at 10AM PST: Shelby Spees, Talia Nassi, and Amy Tobey will be diving deep into testing in production including.

Are We All on the Same Page? Let’s Fix That September 17 at 11 AM PST: Luis Mineiro, Head of SRE at Zalando will be giving a talk for 99 Percent DevOps on Adaptive Paging and how to do on-call better.

DevOps World 2020 September 22–24: this virtual conference brings together thought leaders, practitioners, and community contributors to talk about the future of software delivery.

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