SREview Issue #5 September 2020

Here’s the September issue of SREview! This monthly zine features epic Tweets, content, and events happening in the SRE and resilience engineering community.

Tweets that have us twittering

In infosec, communication matters more than technical skill. You can be the absolute smartest person in the world, but if you can’t communicate your findings, then you’re not delivering maximum value.

- Jake Williams (@MalwareJake) August 31, 2020

Learning From Incidents is organized around three key areas:

- Everything that happens before the incident.
- The incident.
- Everything that happens after the incident.

Or, as Conklin would say, “the context, the event, and the consequences”.

- Senior Oops Engineer (@ReinH) September 1, 2020

core SRE skill: being really good at explaining why 100% is an impossible fantasy, and how 99.999% is more expensive than 99.99% and so on…

- Miss Amy (@MissAmyTobey) September 2, 2020


How to Build Your SRE Team: Learn about some of the many roles an SRE can play, and how to find people with those skill sets.

There’s more to testing than simply testing: Lisa Morgan writes for the SD Times about how we should shift testing left in the software development lifecycle.

Industry Experts Explain how to Thrive in a Post-COVID World: Hear from the CEOs of Blameless and Grafana, and Packet’s Sr. Director of Operations on lessons learned.

QUESTIONABLE ADVICE: WAR ROOMS? REALLY?!?: Charity Majors gives her take on war rooms and how observability factors in.

How to Improve the Reliability of a System: Check out helpful steps to take when improving a system’s reliability.

Give it a whirl

Blameless automates toil and creates guardrails during incidents, streamlines learning from incidents, and much more.

Try out our free sandbox today.

Upcoming events

(Virtual) San Francisco Reliability MeetupSeptember 16 at 7 PM PST: Twitter’s Sr. Staff SRE Brian Rutkin will share directed ways of thinking about hiring great SREs, conducting interviews, and more.

Are We All on the Same Page? Let’s Fix That September 17 at 6 AM PST: As part of Lightstep’s 99% DevOps series, Luis Mineiro, Head of SRE at Zalando will be giving a talk on Adaptive Paging and how to improve on-call.

Cloudbees DevOps World 2020 September 22–24: this virtual conference brings together thought leaders, practitioners, and community contributors to talk about the future of software delivery. We’ll be giving out a drone, so be sure to stop by our booth for a chance to win!

Blameless Bi-Weekly Demo September 23 at 8 AM PST: Check out a live demo of Blameless as we walk you through operations best practices, and get your questions answered.

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